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Engine Oil

Motor oil is one of the most important things keeping your engine alive. It lubricates your engine, reducing metal to metal contact across a multitude of different driving speeds, and expanding your engines lifespan.

Checking your engine oil regularly is something that UK Diesel Parts recommends all vehicle owners do to ensure that your vehicles engine lasts as long as it can. UK Diesel Parts advise performing a routine engine oil check after around 3000 miles, but if you need to top up before then ensure you do to avoid any problems.

Without a decent amount of oil in your engine, parts can begin to grind together, causing permanent damage. Not only does car oil lubricate your engine, but it shields against the corrosion of your engines parts, as well as cleaning various components.

Keeping a cool engine is something you’re going to want to do if you want to extend its life as long as possible, high quality engine oil is a good way to do this as it will distribute the warmth evenly around the engine. UK Diesel Parts import direct from the source to ensure the finest quality product reaches our customer in prime condition.

Make sure you choose the right specification of oil to maximise the efficiency of your engine, reading your car’s manual should help decide which is the correct choice for your vehicle. UK Diesel Parts keeps a wide range in stock, making sure that enough of each product is available to meet daily customer requirements.

Why Choose UK Diesel Parts?

We are UK Diesel Parts Ltd, specialist online distributor of new aftermarket Diesel and Petrol car parts.

The team has over 15 years of industry experience in ecommerce and 20 years in the Diesel Fuel Injection automotive industry.

Our aim is to make quality replacement automotive parts available to all customers at trade prices. We utilize the contacts made during our time in the automotive industry to source, buy and import products from worldwide.

We buy quality automotive parts backed by manufacturers guarantees, this ensures all our products can be purchased with complete customer confidence.

We currently hold stocks of original manufacturer and best quality replacement parts for most Diesel Fuel Injection Systems including Bosch, CAV Lucas, Delphi, VDO Siemens, Zexel and Denso.

We pride ourselves on customer care and technical support. We have up to date information readily available for most problems encountered with Diesel Systems.

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