Understand and identifying nameplate meaning.

Getting the correct model for your vehicle is very important so ensure you identify which model is fitted to your vehicle we have a guide explaining the nameplate characters.

The turbo model says a great deal about the features of your turbocharger.

For example, in the T Series, turbo model TO4B59 is formed as follows:

  • TO4 = frame size (74.2mm turbine);
  • B = the design;
  • 59 = the 59th TO4B that we made, usually specific to one customer.

For the GT Series, model GT4082SN translates as follows:

  • GT40 = (77mm turbine);
  • 82 = 82mm compressor wheel;
  • S = single passage bypass turbine;
  • N = ported shroud.



See below the T Series chart, which lists all the possible component designations, and also table for the GT Series.

Garrett Turbo T Series Model Designations

AFB Air Foil Bearing
BB Ball Baring
BTG75 Boreless Compressor Wheel Wastegated
BTV55 Boreless Compressor Wheel
CT Ceramic Turbine Wheel
GT GT Series Turbos
T Bolted Joint Center Housing/Turbine Housing
TA Poppet Valve Wastegate W/G T3
TB Flapper Valve W/G T3, T25, T2, T15
TBP Wastegated T4, T45, etc.
TB28 Hybrid T3 Compressor/T25 Turbine Housing
TB41 Continuation of T04B
TC Non Wastegated, T3, W/G T31 HF TURB/T04B CPR
TD Known as VNT™ (Variable Nozzle Turbine)
TE0 This the only turbo which got the letter “E” – named after an employee, Hans Egli (First Chief Engineer)
TE27 Hybrid, T3 Compressor/T25 Turbine- Ceramic Turbine
TL Water-Cooled Turbine Housing
TM Caterpillar/Dual Inlet Turbine Housing
TMF Mixed Flow Turbine
TV V-Band Center Housing/Turbine Housing/Compressor Housing
TW Water-Cooled Turbine Housing
TWT Three-Wheeled Turbo
T04 Non Scroll Type (Torus) Compressor Housing
T04B Scroll Type Compressor Housing
T04E Upscaled T04B (Larger Diameter Compressor Wheel)
T04S T4 except Compressor Wheel

Garrett Turbo GT Series Model Designations

Model Template G T X a a b b c c c c
Example G T A 4 2 0 2
Model Template Usage
GT Must be GT
X Used to designate a “platform”change to the GT series turbo by using the letters “A”, “B”, “C” etc. This position will not be used in the initial platform configuration of the GT series turbo.
aa Must be a standard Turbine Wheel diameter in mm
bb Must be Compressor Wheel diameter in mm
cccc May be used to designate features as defined by the following table.
Letter Description
A VAT (Variable A/R Turbine)
B Boreless
C Ceramic
D Dual Passage Bypass
E Elbow, Integrated (Monoblock Turbine Housing)
F Face Seal, Carbon
G Compressor Recirculation Valve
H Separate Exhaust Elbow
I Integral Mainfold, Elbow and Turbine Housing
J Die Cast Compressor Housing
K Electric Actuator
L Water Cooled Center Housing
M Mainfold and Turbine Housing Integrated
N Ported Shroud Compressor
O Opposite Rotation
P Side Vane Variable Geometry Turbine
Q Wrapped Turbine Housing
R Rolling Element (Ball) Bearings
S Single Passage Bypass
T Titanium Aluminide Turbine Wheel
U Pedestal – Mounted Center Housing
V Multi Vane Variable Geometry Turbine
W Water Cooler Turbine Housing
X Mixed Flow
Y Abradable Compressor Housing
Z Combined Journal/Thrust Bearing

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