SUBJECT: Faulty Actuators can cause several problems on the vehicle.

The Advance actuator solenoid generally fails as a result of contamination within the fuel system. This will often cause the following symptoms.

  • Hesitations when accelerating under load at approximately 2,000 rpm
  • Poor cold start
  • Unstable idle
  • Rushing noise for the first few seconds after starting the engine
  • Unstable engine and smoke accompanied by engine noise and a lack of power when the engine is cold

These problems can be caused by the incorrect operation of the advance actuator which becomes stuck in an open or closed position. If the actuator is stuck in an open position, there is no advance development. This results in a lack of power, an unstable engine and smoke, particularly when the engine is cold. If the actuator is stuck in a closed position, the advance development is maximum which creates engine noise.

None of the above faults will cause the vehicle to stop but continuous uses could cause some engine damage.

We at UK Diesel Parts recommend changing the fuel filter when replacing the Diesel advance actuator solenoid.

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